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Phone & In-Home Consultations Available


We offer two types of consultations; Phone consultations for the customer who just needs more time to get their answers about medical marijuana and In-Home grow room set-up consultations for the customer that is ready to start growing their medicine at home.

Phone Consultation

For questions that require more time to answer

For the future customer that needs a more specific question answered pertaining to their medical marijuana needs. The consultations can be booked in 30min or 60 min sessions with one  of our Elite Staff members.

Businessman on Phone

In-Home Grow Setup Consultation

Find out what you need to get started growing today based on your location.

Are you ready to start growing? But not sure what you'll need to be successful. Schedule one of our in-home consultations and we will help you figure out all the "need to knows" specifically pertaining to your location and set-up. Each consultation lasts up to 60mins.

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