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Equipment Donation

Our Equipment Donation Program was created to provide the opportunity for veterans and low-income patient card holders to get access to the essentials needed to grow their medicine at home.

We have the opportunity to provide this program to the patients of Missouri through monetary and equipment donations as well as corporate partners.


How it works

Equipment recipient:

Each potential recipient of the donated grow equipment will have to apply for the program.  This program is specifically for low-income and Veterans that are licensed Medical Marijuana patient cultivators within the State of Missouri, or in the process of becoming a licensed Medical Marijuana patient cultivator with the State of Missouri.  Our main objective is to help ease the financial burden on medical marijuana patients in accessing medicine. Allowing these patients, the opportunity to cultivate at home empowers them to control how their medicine is grown.  Once verified and approved, the recipient will receive an indoor cultivation counseling session, and their equipment. The availability of equipment is on a first come first served basis.  If there is equipment to donate, we will happily do so!

(Type of Equipment: 2x3 Grow tent, L.E.D light, In-line fan, and Carbon filter)

We also have other Sponsors of this program that will be donating other miscellaneous pieces of equipment such as pots, scissors, fans, etc. 

Program donor’s:

This grow equipment donation program is only as strong as the support it receives.  We are asking you to help us extend deeper into the community with resources to make a more informed and stronger community.  Your donations will be used to directly make a difference in someone’s life.  Proper funding of this program is essential to effectively have a lasting impact.  Stand with the purpose-driven mission of Elite Home Growers Academy and help disrupt the stigma, lack of resources, and information surrounding medical cannabis.  Help us empower the community of patients in need.  Thank you!


Contact us below if you're interested in becoming a program recipient, making a donation or becoming a partner.

"Help Us Grow, To Help Them Grow" 

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